Preparation of Technical Documentation

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Under the previous EMC directive (89/336/EEC), a Technical Construction File was required to demonstrate conformance when harmonised standards either did not exist or were not used by a manufacturer.

Under the new EMC directive (2004/108/EC), all products within the directive's scope require the manufacturer to produce and maintain EMC technical documentation.


The EMC directive states in Annex IV:

The technical documentation must enable the conformity of the apparatus with the essential requirements to be assessed [...], in particular:

  1. a general description of the apparatus;
  2. evidence of compliance with the harmonised standards, if any, applied in full or in part;
  3. where the manufacturer has not applied harmonised standards, or has applied them only in part, a description and explanation of the steps taken to meet the essential requirements of the Directive, including a description of the electromagnetic compatibility assessment [...], results of design calculations made, examinations carried out, test reports, etc.;
  4. a statement from the notified body [when one has been engaged].

Where harmonised standards do not exist for equipment or they can only be applied in part, then the technical documentation must contain the extended justification referred to (item c above).

What does technical documentation contain?

Technical documentation must demonstrate that a product (or product family) meets the essential requirements of the EMC directive. The manufacturer is ultimately responsible for the Declaration of Conformity to the Directive.

Essentially a manufacturer has to show that the product in question is designed to meet the EMC requirements of the operating environment. This will be accomplished by showing that appropriate measures have been taken in the design, which are verified by test data and/or a theoretical assessment. For larger projects, supporting evidence will include EMC management, control and test plans.

Correctly applying all relevant harmonised standards, which completely cover the essential requirements for the apparatus in question, provides the necessary evidence of conformance.

When will technical documentation require extended justification?

Extended justification will be needed:

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