Small Terminal Satellite Systems (VSATs)

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Communications systems using Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs) are well established world-wide. Such networks support a wide range of communications requirements and can provide highly effective broadband, Internet and multimedia services. With benefits of low cost, wide coverage, and flexible and rapid deployment, VSATs serve a variety of users including corporate, SOHO, and domestic users. The VSATs market remains very strong, with growth especially in developing countries. This is coupled with steady advances in technology and techniques for Internet service delivery to bridge the 'digital divide'.

Key subjects covered

The course aims to provide state-of-the-art exposition of practical VSAT technology and systems, together with a grounding in the fundamentals of satellite communications. You will learn:

Who should attend

All those requiring a technical understanding of VSAT systems as well as detailed knowledge of current systems design. The course will serve practising engineers and information technologists as well as managers, users and those concerned about the impact of VSATs. Some basic knowledge of telecommunications principles and/or data protocols will be assumed.


Last Updated: 2010-Mar-25