Design, Filtering and Shielding for EMC 1

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circuit level susceptibility

This course is an advanced course that covers aspects of electronic hardware design, at the circuit design, circuit layout and mechanical levels, necessary to achieve EMC and Signal Integrity.

Key subjects covered

This course is being reviewed to ensure its relevancy. Please contact us to find the key subjects in detail.

Course scope

This course demonstrates how electronic systems behave from the point of view of the EMC Engineer; building from the behaviour of simple components, through circuit and system design. By understanding the implications of Electromagnetic Compatibility and signal integrity on circuit and system design, with a few simple calculations and application of design rules, many EMC problems can be avoided before the system goes to test.

Who should attend

Engineers needing to update their hardware design skills to cope with the challenges of modern high speed electronic design. A basic knowledge of EMC standards and measurements is required.


Last Updated: 2013-May-09