The EMC Directive and Technical Documentation

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The EMC Directive (2004/108/EC) aims to simplify and clarify the original directive. In force since July 2007, the directive stipulates new requirements for manufacturers to carry out an EMC assessment and to hold technical documentation relating to that assessment. There are also new provisions and requirements for fixed installations.

Course overview

This workshop looks at the practical implications of 2004/108/EC and particularly focuses on the requirement for manufacturers to draw up 'technical documentation'; it also looks at the implications for 'fixed installations'. Key subjects covered include:

The workshop includes a practical assessment of Technical Documentation.

Who should attend

All those involved with EMC approvals documentation:

What is it about?

This course will provide you with a full understanding of the directive and the necessary knowledge to ensure the correct steps are taken to ensure compliance. You will be provided with comprehensive guidelines on the requirements and contents of EMC technical documentation.

What will I get out of it?

Aims to give delegates an understanding, enabling them to apply the knowledge acquired to their own situation and discusses the scope of the directive, how to demonstrate conformity and apply the CE marking.

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