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All electrical and electronic equipment should be assessed against the essential requirements of the European EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Directive as part of the process necessary to affix the CE marking. Most manufacturers will carry out a practical EMC assessment on their equipment either by using their own test facilities or using a third party accredited laboratory.

For engineers involved in designing electronic equipment it is advantageous to have a working knowledge of EMC and the EMC tests to which that equipment will be subjected. Such knowledge will similarly be an advantage to engineers accompanying their equipment to third party laboratories as well as those performing measurements using in-house facilities.

This two day workshop aims to provide delegates with an understanding of the basics of EMC, the EMC Directive and the principal EMC tests. It also provides an insight into the different levels of EMC testing and how they can be most effectively used throughout the compliance process.

Day one consists of a series of presentations introducing EMC, EMC standards and the type of EMC tests that are commonly performed.

Day two consists of a series of interactive demonstrations in the laboratory showing how the principal EMC tests are carried out and the test equipment required. These demonstrations are carried out in the UKAS accredited laboratory using the test equipment that is normally used to perform accredited measurements. Small groups allow full interaction with experienced EMC test personnel.

Who should attend

This workshop will be of particular interest to engineers and technicians who are designing electronic equipment to meet the requirements of the EMC Directive as well as those who are involved in the approvals process in general and EMC compliance in particular.

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