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The advent of GSM(R) and ERTMS heralds significant issues for the integration of these radio based systems into the railway infrastructure and rolling stock. Other new technologies are also impacting the railway industry, third generation mobile communications, TETRA and WiFi systems accessing the internet via train-borne VSAT systems. It is therefore essential for railway engineers to understand how these systems operate and the likely impact they will have on existing infrastructure and rolling stock. Also the exposure to electromagnetic fields of both the general public and railway employees is of concern.

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The aim of this course is to provide delegates with an understanding of new communications technologies that are being introduced into the railway environment and their likely impact in terms of system integration. The course will also consider the introduction of new technologies external to the railway such as UMTS and their likely impact on the railway, for example passengers carrying headsets onto trains and using them within the railway environment and the positioning of base stations adjacent to the railway infrastructure. The threats to health from EMFs resulting from these technologies will be reviewed and their impact in the light of recent and impending legislation.

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Last Updated: 2013-May-09