EMC for the Railway Industry: Testing, Consultancy and Training

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is a significant area of concern within the railway industry.

The railway presents a complex electromagnetic environment made up of many systems including: signalling, traction, telecommunications and radiocommunications.

Failures in compatibility between systems can introduce costly unreliability in services as well as leading to incidents that may compromise the safety of passengers and staff alike.

The railway industry strives to reduce the risk of such incidents occurring through processes of hazard identification and risk mitigation. Electromagnetic compatibility forms an essential part of these processes.

A further, legal, requirement is that the railway and its equipment do not interfere with the correct operation of external radiocommunications and broadcast services. The EMC Directive (2004/108/EC) lays down the process for demonstrating this requirement.

York EMC Services Ltd is the well established market leader for the provision of EMC services to the railway industry.

We offer a range of consultancy, testing and training services specifically designed for the railway industry. We have a solid track record of solving EMC problems and demonstrating EMC for major railway projects around the world.

Being the first EMC company in the UK to identify the EMC hazards to the railway industry, we have built up years of expertise and experience. We have successfully worked on major railway projects throughout the UK, in Europe and in the Far East.


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