Discontinued model - The Comparison Noise Emitter VII

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Comparison Noise Emitter VII
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Unique in the market place, the CNE VII provided continuous radiated output up to 7GHz.

Continuous, broadband output
Full spectrum measurements and analysis
Stable output
Repeatable measurements
1.5 GHz to 7 GHz output
Measurements at today’s operating frequencies
Compact and Portable
Comparisons between sites and environments
Battery powered
No power or interconnecting cable effects on measurements

Radiated Emissions

The CNE VII is a broadband noise source which provides continuous output power from 1.5GHz to 7GHz. The broadband nature of the output enables the observation of details within this band of the spectrum which would be missed with a comb generator. An integral antenna is housed in the top of the unit. The CNE VII is an ideal source for carrying out checks on open area test sites (OATS) and anechoic chambers.

The CNE VII is battery powered to allow operation as an independent source without the effect of power or interconnecting cables, which would modify the fields generated. The CNE VII is housed in a cylindrical metal enclosure ensuring uniformity of the radiated field and allowing it to be orientated to give either vertical or horizontal polarised fields. The metal enclosure also allows the unit to be mounted in direct contact with a metal ground plane as may be required by some tests.



Frequency Range 1.5 GHz to 7 GHz radiated using an integral antenna
Output connector N/A
Temperature stability 20°C to 35°C <1dB
Time stability Projected <1dB over a 12 month period
Dimensions 150mm diameter × 150mm including battery pack
Weight 4kg (including battery pack)
Power supply 8V, 5AHr rechargeable battery pack. Supplied with charger
Operating time 7 hours typical with fully charged battery pack
Indicators Power on - green LED
Battery low - red LED

Standard Order Kits

We're sorry, the CNE VII is no longer available to order. Our CNE III and CNE V+ provide continuous noise to 3.5 GHz (usable to 5 GHz).

Output Measurement Results

Type Order Nº Description
Radiated Output CAL07 1GHz to 7GHz horizontal and vertical polarisation electric field strength in FAR using a spectrum analyser at 3m

Typical Output Measurement Results

Electric Field Strength - 3m Horizontal Electric Field Strength - 3m Vertical

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