New: York Reference Sources available

YRS 01 YRS 02

York EMC Services has added the new YRS01 and YRS02 combined noise/comb generators to its range of reference sources. These generators produce outputs covering 5kHz to 1GHz that can be switched between noise or comb signals, allowing the operator to choose the type of signal that best suits the test being carried out.

The YRS01 shares the same format as York's CGE0x range of comb generators, and is compatible with the same battery packs. It can be supplied as a kit (YRS01KIT01 or YRS01KIT02), but it has been specifically designed for bundling with the CGE0x comb generator kits to give a full 5kHz to 18GHz+ solution.

The YRS02 has the same function and output as the YRS01, but has been designed to give the best value as a standalone kit. It shares the same style enclosure as York's CNE range of noise sources, and is powered by four AA batteries for improved operating times.

To complement the existing LSA03 LISN adapter, the NIA01 Network Interface Adapter has also been introduced so that these reference sources can be used to verify ISN equipment fitted with RJ11 and RJ45 style connectors.

Datasheets and prices for these new devices are available from York EMC Services ( and from our regional distributors.

Last updated: 2012-Oct-10