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Low Power Radio Devices - A Guide for the Purchaser and Systems Designer

A report for the Radiocommunications Agency by York EMC Services Ltd, University of York


There is increasing interest in replacing wires (in doorbells, alarm systems and hi-fis) and keys (for cars and garage doors) with short-range, low-power radio devices: these devices are known either as short-range devices (SRDs) or low-power radio (LPRs). These offer many advantages including ease-of-use and cost of installation. However, in the drive to reduce costs, compromises have been made in the specification of many of the receivers being sold for use in these devices. These compromises are already resulting in problems for users, and in the near future these problems are expected to become a lot more common. This document, organised as a series of questions and answers, attempts to explain the problems and offer a solution.


You can download this guide as a PDF file (142 kB).

Last Updated: 2006-Feb-01