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Exceptional Measurement Capabilities!

Honourable Mention at National Awards

[Chris Marshman meets Lord Sainsbury]
Left-to-right: Prof Andy Marvin,
Chris Marshman, Dr Didier Bozec,
Lord Sainsbury of Turville and
Andy Rowell
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York EMC Services (YES) LTD has been awarded an “Honourable Mention” at the recent prestigious National Measurement Awards Ceremony in Teddington.

The award comes under the category of Innovative Management and refers specifically to a project undertaken on behalf of the Radiocommunications Agency (an agency for the DTI), involving the measurement of radiated emissions from moving trains.

The need to control, and therefore measure, the electromagnetic (EM) disturbances caused by moving trains is essential for the operational safety of our ever-more complex railway systems and to allow radio based services, such as television broadcast and cellular communications to function reliably without interference.

As Chris Marshman, YES Managing Director commented, “receiving an Honourable Mention at such a prestigious event is a credit to our dedicated team of EMC specialists and gives us the opportunity to showcase our expertise in this field. It serves to highlight the quality of our services and continued commitment to providing innovative, tailored solutions to our customers.”

The measurement technique represents a significant advance for the railway industry and is currently in the process of being made available as a service to customers in the rail sector to help them meet international regulations and ensure the safe and reliable operation of their networks.

This successful subsidiary company of the University of York has already developed an international reputation for providing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) services, which has been further enhanced thanks to this exciting award.

Catherine Tourish — Business Development Assistant

14 November 2003