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The Donibristle laboratory was established in 1992 as part of GEC Marconi Avionics in order to provide an EMC test facility in Scotland. It was purchased by York EMC Services Ltd in February 2000 and continues to provide EMC and LVD testing from the same cost effective service. The Donibristle Laboratory is managed by Graham Whyte and is now the only UKAS accredited EMC test facility in Scotland. It has extensive test facilities including:-

Donibristle Laboratory

In addition to standard 230V and 415V supplies, the EMC Test Centre can also provide a 120V 18A 60Hz supply on the COATS and a 400V 200A 3 phase supply in the resonance damped chamber.

The laboratory holds UKAS accreditation for a wide range of International and European Standards (including EN 60950:2000, a European harmonised standard for the Low Voltage Directive covering a range of workplace equipment). Our latest accreditation schedule is available for download from UKAS.

In addition the laboratory holds the following accreditations and approvals:

[PDF] Customer Equipment Forms (CEFs) are available for download which allow manufacturers to detail their equipment and specify their requirements.

The Donibristle Laboratory is located between Hillend and Dalgety Bay on the North side of the River Forth in Fife.

A location map and travel directions are available.

Last updated: 2009-Jul-03