iNARTE Certified EMC Engineer and Certified EMC Technician

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The International Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers, Inc. (iNARTE) has established the qualifications of Certified Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Engineer and Certified Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Technician. These qualifications now have international acceptance and represent the only EMC specific qualifications worldwide.

York EMC Services Ltd (YES), University of York is the leading provider of EMC education and training in the UK and has been appointed as the first UK iNARTE Test Centre for the iNARTE EMC engineer and technician examinations. YES can provide its training delegates with a route to a professional EMC specific qualification using its iNARTE approved multi-entry point educational programme. This programme has been devised to assist iNARTE candidates to achieve the educational requirements for the iNARTE certification process.


The criteria for iNARTE certification are based on relevant experience, academic qualifications, professional references, and an exam.

Engineers must have 9 years' experience in EMC engineering (6 years for technicians). Academic qualifications can count in lieu of experience.
An approved first degree (BEng/BSc) in engineering or relevant physical science counts for 4 years' experience; relevant postgraduate study counts for a further year, and other relevant qualifications may count for up to two years' experience. For engineers, academic qualifications may count for a maximum of 5 years' experience.
Three referees (one from a supervisor) must attest to your competency and provide a character reference.
You must pass the examination (details below).
You must submit 10 original multiple choice questions (with answers and references).

Education Provision

The EMC Credentials Certification Exam is of 8 hours duration, divided into two 4-hour parts. It consists of a multiple-choice exam with 96 questions, only 80 of which should be attempted. The pass mark is 70% thus 56 questions must be answered correctly. It is an open book examination and textbooks, standards and computers can be taken into the exam room.

iNARTE has a bank of examination questions from which each examination paper is drawn. These include specific questions for the European and UK region based on the European EMC Directive, CENELEC standards and for example Def Stan 59/411. This mirrors the approach taken by iNARTE in Japan where there are now over 600 iNARTE certified EMC engineers.

Preparation for the exam is a combination of familiarity with source documents and their contents and a sound understanding of the basic technical material. We cannot help with the familiarity but we can help with the understanding.

There are twenty-four subject areas listed in the exam Study Guide for the EMC Engineer Exam with a sub-set of eighteen of these for the EMC Technician Exam. The iNARTE examinations cover the following subject categories:

As only 80 of the 96 questions in the exam are to be answered there is latitude for candidates to omit specialist areas outside their own areas of expertise without penalty.

YES Course Structure

YES currently holds courses which can form the basis for providing an engineer with the necessary education to be successful in the iNARTE examinations. This structure is shown in the flowchart below.

In addition to existing course materials, iNARTE candidates will receive example exam questions relevant to each lecture within each course, to enable them to focus their post course self-learning programmes.

iNARTE study guides and representative examination papers will be available for inspection and purchase at all courses.

Possible paths to iNARTE certification through YES training

Supplementary Courses

You should note that the iNARTE exams may be taken by following a programme of self-study only. However, our programme has been devised to enable candidates to benefit from corporate teaching and to provide the disciplined structure very often needed by students studying in their spare time. It is not a substitute for self-study, which will still be required, but it will focus student learning and provide a professional support and advice service.

In order for candidates to have the confidence to take the exams, we have devised a iNARTE Exam Preparation Tutorial (below).

We recognise that within industry individuals will have achieved differing levels of academic attainment and practical experience. Hence the programme allows for multi-entry points and options of courses. As a minimum, we advise iNARTE candidates with little or no experience to attend the Fundamentals of design and testing for EMC, followed by an extensive programme of self-study (supplemented by the advanced courses as necessary), the iNARTE exam preparation tutorial and to finally take the examination.

We recommend that experienced candidates take the Fundamentals course as revision (without the practical workshop) and take the iNARTE tutorial. Experienced candidates may also consider it only necessary to take the iNARTE Tutorial option. In any case, any candidate meeting the iNARTE professional requirements, may present themselves for examination.

iNARTE Exam Preparation Tutorial

Prior to the Tutorial, students complete a registration form that outlines their preparation needs. We use this to resource a two-day iNARTE exam preparation under the supervision of academic and experienced staff.

The preparation is in the form of low student-staff ratio help service for the practice questions and general revision. A worst case student-staff ratio of four to one will be used. Staff will be drawn from YES and the Department of Electronics, University of York, as available/required based on the registration form information and student numbers. Staff will be pro-active with the students, each of whom will have an individual study schedule. A half-day iNARTE exam preparation workshop is included and will be conducted by iNARTE personnel.

We have a comprehensive array of the iNARTE source material available for students to inspect and purchase as required.

In this tutorial, students are paying for exam revision time away from work/home with expert help available almost instantly.


Because individual students will have individual requirements we will be pleased to advise fees based on these requirements. These will be derived from our standard course pricing but will attract substantial discounts when complete packages leading to and including the iNARTE examination are purchased. We can also arrange registration with iNARTE and can arrange advice on the iNARTE certification process.

Further Information

Chris Marshman has written about the benefits of iNARTE Certification (24 kB PDF).

Or you can contact:

to discuss your personal EMC CPD/ iNARTE requirement. Please call +44 (0) 1904 324440 or email

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