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Understand the Importance of Managing EMC From Project Concept to Completion within the Rail Environment

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Fundamentals of EMC in Railways (5 days)

This 5 day course* delivers an in-depth study of EMC in the complex railway environment. It provides an understanding of its importance and the need to manage EMC from project concept to completion.

The legal EMC requirements will be explained and how these are satisfied by use of standards and Technical Documentation; these requirements are related to safety and safety case requirements.

Topics covered which are necessary or help you to understand the railway electromagnetic environment include:

  • The power feeding arrangements in AC and DC railways
  • The EMI threats posed by traction drives
  • How unwanted signals couple into lineside S&T cables
  • How to shield/screen equipment and how to measure and reduce touch potentials

Other important aspects of railway EMC which included in the course are EMC Management, practical immunisation case studies and railway EMC measurements both at the trackside and within the laboratory.

The information is presented using lectures and both interactive and demonstrated practical work.

The New EMC Directive

The new EMC Directive 2014/30/EU is now in force with no transition period. The implications of the new Directive will be discussed in this course.

Note: This course is also available for industries which are not specifically involved in railway. For more information please click here.

*Please note that this course has previously been called EMC in Railways.

Bookings for this course can be made up to 14 days prior to the course start date. For bookings made closer to the start date, please call us for availability.

Upcoming Dates

27th - 31st Mar 2017
5 day Course
Price: £1835.00 + VAT
Location: York

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What is it about?

This course covers essential concepts of EMC in the rail environment from the underlying theory, standards and testing, design requirements and how to achieve EMC assurance.
  • Introduction to EMC, EM waves and radiation mechanisms
  • Railway and commercial EMC standards (plus technical documentation)
  • Railway specific EMC considerations (including on-site testing, signalling systems, AC and DC traction systems and fixed installation requirements
  • Interoperability, management and regulatory considerations
  • Covers Railway EMC standards including: updates to the EN 50121-X series, Network Rail and LU specific EMC standards
  • Fundamental EMC knowledge of antennas, testing, standards and interference effects


Who should attend?

  • Engineers concerned with EMC approvals and assurance on the railway network
  • Engineers and manufacturers who make apparatus to be used on the rail network
  • Engineers and managers wishing to learn how the EMC is controlled throughout a project
  • Rolling Stock manufactures wishing to achieve compliance


What will I achieve?

Attendees will gain:
  • An overview of the EMC issues affecting AC and DC railway systems
  • An understanding of the key EMC subjects within the railway environment
  • The ability to manage EMC effectively and achieve EMC assurance
  • Knowledge of regulatory EMC requirements and the relationship to standards
  • An overview of standards
  • Knowledge of how EMC issues can be mitigated

Key Benefits

  • An overall understanding of both the theoretical & practical aspects of EMC in the railway environment
  • Introduces the key management techniques to achieve EMC
  • Provides an understanding of EMC mitigation design techniques